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Why Go Mobile?

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With over 85% of handsets being able to access the mobile web by the end of 2011, the mobile web represents the greatest shift in the use of the Internet since the worldwide web began.

Although most businesses will have a desktop website, these sites are typically designed to be used by a visitor in a computing environment with a full browser, large screen, mouse driven navigation and in a mostly sedentary context.

By comparison, the mobile user has a small screen and limited navigation tools.

Businesses that do not effectively accommodate the mobile user are losing out on significant opportunities since mobile traffic is less likely to convert to leads due to the difficulties of loading, finding, and accessing key content while on the go.

Today’s consumers are increasingly impatient and demand information sooner rather than later and the mobile web allows companies to address this demand. Consequently, as a result of the Internet, consumers have become accustomed to the continuous flow of information and the mobile Internet represents the next step in anytime and anywhere communication.

A mobile website does not replace existing forms of communication but rather enhances the media mix and as a result compliments your non-mobile strategies. Consumers will be looking for this service and because of the unique characteristics of mobile as a very strong medium for extremely personalized and intelligent communication, it will also be a key differentiator between you and your competitors.

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